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Here's a list of suggested contents for an EDC Kit, along with product recommendations.

Often times multiple items in an EDC kit can be combined into a single tool, so I've noted that in the list below,

(This is a work in progress)

EDC Item Product Recommendation
A Handheld EDC bag Maxpedition Fatty or similar
All Weather Pen Fisher Space Pen
Waterproof Writing Pad  
Whistle SOG FT1001
Glass Breaker
Fire Starter
Small Pocket Knife Victorinox Classic
Multitool Leatherman Sidekick or Skeletool
USB Flash Drive  
A Small First Aid Kit  
Powerbank For Charging a Phone or Other Devices  
USB Charger Adaptor  
Charging Cord(s) Amazon Basics
Small Flashlight SOG Q2
Spare Battery for Flashlight AAA
A Small Mirror SOL
A Small Amount of Cordage (Paracord)  
A Compact Compressed Towel  
A Spare Tampon/Pad (For Women)